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Dancing Talking Huggy Wuggy, H32cm (battery not included)


-  This battery version includes recording, repeating, lighting, dancing, and singing functions.  It can record what you say and repeat your words. Insert the battery and press the button. It twists his body and lights on when he sings. It's really fun!

- Cute & funny plush toy from the popular adventure puzzle game Poppy Playtime. The fabric is comfortable and the toy can stand firmly on the table.


1. Put in 3 AA batteries (not included) from the bottom of the toy, and screw to close the cover.

2. Switch On and say something, the cactus will repeat what you said.

3. Press the tab on the right, and the huggy wuggy will sing, and dance with colorful lights.

4. Long press the left tab to record your words, and click play.


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